本院 82 年11月設立於嘉義縣大林鎮,初期為大林鎮、梅山鄉、溪口鄉之唯一醫院,提供在地居民健康守護。



Lu Ya-ren Hospital was founded in the town of Talin Chiayi County in 1993.It was the only hospital in Talin which provides 24/7health service for local residents. Later on, the hospital was moved to the current address in 2000 because of medical expansion and the original place was renamed Lu Ya-ren Clinic.

Services provided by our hospital includes services, general medicine and surgery, hepatobiliary gastrointestinal services, family medicine, thoracic internal medicine, orthopedic surgery and various types of examinations, such as whole body CT scan, X rays, ultrasound, gastroscope, etc. We have 13 intensive care unit beds, 15 respiratory care unit beds, 33 beds for acute sicknesses, 1 emergency observation bed and 1 surgical recovery bed. Patients will have a comfortable and cozy medical environment here.

Lu Ya-ren Hospital's team focused on the concept of “respect lives, promote health,” and provides kind and professional medical care to patients and family members.